MCK would like to thank Jakarta Free Spirit (JKS) and Wintermar Offshore Marine Group for their continuous support of the Cancer Kiddies.

The annual zoo run was held on Sunday 7 May, 2017.  Thanks to JFS and Wintermar, the kiddies and family enjoyed a morning at the zoo.   MCK are also extremely grateful to the Conquer Cancer Club students at Jakarta Intercultural School who joined in the fun and helped with making sure no one got lost and everyone had a good time.


MCK recently donated baby-scales to the Neo-natal ward at RS Cipto
Hospital.  Pictured below are nurses using the scales to measure and weigh a
premature baby.

Mary’s Cancer Kiddies visited Dharmais Hospital recently and met with Valensya who is seven years old and is currently being treated for Leukemia. Valensya is from Pontianak in West Kalimantan and is on schedule with her chemotherapy treatment.


We also met Ahmad Az Zahidi pictured below with Dr Edi Tehuteru.  Three and a half year old Ahmad is from Balikpapan in East Kalimantan and is currently progressing nicely with his chemotherapy for Neuroblastoma.

Ahmad Az Zahidi

Mary’s Cancer Kiddies is helping both patients by paying for chemotherapy medication that is not covered by BPJS (government health insurance).

Fitri Amaliyah is 16 yrs old and attends school at Yayasan Puspita’s Bogor campus.  She is from a poor family from a rural area. Recently Fitri discovered a lump in her breast.  With the help of Mary’s Cancer Kiddies, Fitri was able to have the lump removed and tested.  The good news is that the lump is not cancerous.  Fitri pictured with her Doctor Salwan Hartono. Speedy recovery Fitri!

Mary’s Cancer Kiddies were absolutely delighted to have the Red Nose Foundation perform at Dharmais Hospital. Below is a snippet from their February monthly newsletter.


As part of commemorations for International Childhood Cancer Day, Red Nose Foundation was invited by Mary’s Cancer Kiddies, a cancer care organization, to perform at Dharmais Hospital – National Cancer Center to the kids who receive treatment.

Artistic Director Dedi along with circus teachers Wawan and April performed circus tricks and clowning to entertain the kids and staff who come to the show. “While there are over 30 kids in this hospital, unfortunately only these 6 are fit enough to leave their rooms and join us,” mentioned Inge, a volunteer of Mary’s Cancer Kiddies.

At the end of the show, the kids tried basic circus skills in a workshop and then sang nursery rhymes together with Red Nose team, their parents and medical staff.

Despite their physical condition and the IV tubes attached to their hands, the 6 kids were excited to learn the circus tricks that we showed them. Some of them could keep a plate spinning on their fingers, which brought them great joy!

Mary’s Cancer Kiddies were able to buy 15 examinations tables (mega-mega periksa) for the children’s polyklinic at the new children’s wing, called Kiara Building, at RS Cipto. MCK would like to thank the American Women’s Association Jakarta and British School Jakarta for their generous contributions towards the tables.

World Childhood Cancer Day was celebrated on 15 February 2017 and RS
Dharmais were holding a series of events to bring the public’s awareness to
Childhood Cancer in Indonesia.

Mary’s Cancer Kiddies donated t-shirts and paints for the t-shirt painting contest at RS Kanker Dharmais on Friday 17 Feb 2017 to commemorate World Childhood Cancer Day.  The children loved drawing and making t-shirts for themselves.