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Women from the British Women Association and students from the British School Jakarta enjoying cuddling the premature babies at Cipto hospital in Jakarta.


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We visited RS Dharmais last week and made waffles with the kiddies! All the kids loved the fun activity as you can see from the photos.
Waffle making
Six year old Ahmad Dzaki from Padang is on his second round of chemo but enjoyed eating a waffle.
Wahmad Dzaki
Lena is 7 years old from Subang and has rhabdomyoblastoma (a highly malignant tumor arising in striated muscle) but that didn’t stop her from making a waffle.


Nuristiqomah is from Medula and is being treated for brain cancer.   She is 11 yrs old and misses her friends at school so was glad to join the waffle making activity with Mary’s Cancer Kiddies.  
MCK would like to thank the students from the British School Jakarta for coming to RS Dharmais and helping the children make waffles.

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Mary’s Cancer Kiddies were able to buy 15 examinations tables (mega-mega periksa) for the children’s polyklinic at the new children’s wing, called Kiara Building, at RS Cipto. MCK would like to thank the American Women’s Association Jakarta and British School Jakarta for their generous contributions towards the tables.

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