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MCK wishes all our donors, patients, volunteers, and readers a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Yesterday MCK volunteers Sarah and Inge P. visited Dharmais for the first time in the new year. We met Anindia, a cute one and a half year old who is suffering from leukemia. She has been in the hospital for more than three months now. Her parents are teachers and receive government insurance, but not all costs are covered by the insurance so MCK has stepped in to help.

Cute Anindia with mummy

Our lovely Sakia who has received help from MCK since November 2009 is back for more treatments. She will need radiotherapy soon for her leukemia so we wish her all the best.


Our friend Wahyu, who is ten years old greeted us with his big smile. He seems to have lost some weight since the last time we saw him. He is waiting to receive another cycle of chemo and radiation again. Stay strong and get well soon Wahyu!


Last but not least we met with Yosephine with her parents and brother. She’s almost three  years old and comes all the way from the island of Nias.  She will get a bone marrow puncture first and will then need a second blood transfusion to improve her condition so she can have another cycle of chemo. We hope Yosephine and her family will be able to return home soon.


We have heard good news about Edo and Evert. Their condition has improved so they were allowed to leave the hospital. Both are treated as outpatients now.

Before we left, the nurses in the Children’s Ward showed us the two new infusion pumps they were able to buy. The pumps are used when the children receive chemotherapy and are a big improvement for both patients and nurses. Both machines are already being fully utilized. A special thanks to Scott Thompson, who so generously donated the money to buy the new infusion pumps!

Infusion Pump

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During our last visit to Dharmais hospital, MCK volunteers Julie and Inge P. visited several children that were being sponsored by MCK.

Three years old Nadia is suffering from retinoblastoma. She has already been operated and has been given an eye prothesis. She is doing well but will need a bloodtransfusion soon. She is pictured here with her mother.

Nadia with mother

Six years old Dimas was watching a movie on a small portable dvd-player when we visited him. We learnt that the portable dvd player was given by a kind donor. Dimas is suffering from a tumor in his throat (NPC) but is doing well.


Lastly we met friends, Rangga (five years old) and Alif (four years old). Rangga is suffering from rhabdomyosarcoma (soft tissue cancer) and has been operated twice already. He recently had a relapse and is now undergoing chemotherapy. Alif is suffering from leukemia (ALL) and has been in and out of the hospital for five months now.

Friends: Rangga and Alif

Sadly we also heard of the passing of Yohanna, Burhadin and Juranda. We wish their parents and family all the strength and support they need.

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On Wednesday, we were very thankful to have Sue from BWA to join us in our visit to Cipto Hospital.

Both the cancer ward and infectious ward were extremely busy. We made a special visit to see Rahmat in ICU. A twelve year old boy who we are funding as a special case along with some of the other international organizations. Rahmat has been diagnosed with Mediastinal Tumour (attached to his lung). He has had surgery, which removed 60% of the tumour and already has had two courses of chemotherapy. He will need at least three more chemotherapy courses before more tests can be done. Being in ICU meant he was not allowed visitors, not even his family. We had to view him from behind a window. We hope Rahmat stays strong, so hang on in there Rahmat!

Over at the infectious ward, we met Junaidi, a little boy of four years old. He is suffering from Viral Meningitis and Encephalitis. He is coping well with the treatment but we were sad to hear that he will be left with some brain damage.

Sadly, a patient that MCK has helped with medical treatment, a young girl called Fatma has passed away. She was fourteen years old, suffering from a cardio infection, colitis and malnutrition. Our condolences to her family.

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MCK volunteers Julie & Inge P. visited Dharmais today. They met Dr Yuni who informed us the children’s cancer ward was quite full now with a total of twenty four beds occupied. During the visit, we met four years old Ananda again. He has been in the hospital since March suffering from a tumor in one of his kidneys. We wish him and his parents all the best for a speedy recovery.


Seven years old Edo was also still in the hospital with his mother by his side. His arm looks a lot better and according to the doctors he is doing relatively well. We also saw little Ivana again who was busy making a painting with some other patients. She has leukemia but her condition is stable.


Ivana and friends

In the children’s playroom, we spoke with three and a half years old Fauzan and his mother. They travelled from Sumatra to seek medical help. Fauzan is suffering from retinoblastoma and is ready to start his next cycle of chemotherapy. We wish Fauzan all the best and hope he and his mother can return home soon.





Unfortunately not all children that MCK are supporting survive and we were saddened to hear quite a lot of children did not survive last month. We wish to mention a few of these patient names. Seven years old Ibrahim Faqih who passed away from leukemia. Brave little Najwa (seven years old) who suffered from a brain tumor. Fourteen years old Dede Lia who suffered from breast cancer, and seven years old Pendi who was sponsored by MCK for a few years but passed away surrounded by his family in Lampung. MCK wishes their families all the strength they need to deal with their grave losses.


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Without the help of Ibu Luki and Ibu Yuni, we would not be able to follow our MCK cancer patients in Dharmais. We thank them both for their sincere time, effort, and hard work in doing such a great job! We asked them for a photo during today’s visit so that we could show MCK supporters who these wonderful ladies are.

Smiles from Ibu Luki (left) and Ibu Yuni (right)

We met Edo again and was very surprised by his improvement. He looked very healthy and his arm, where the tumor had spread to was clearly reduced in size. He will receive another six more cycles of chemotherapy treatment until further news.

Significant improvement from Edo

Another patient who we met again was four year old Sakia. She was doing great and even allowed us to take a photo of her. Sakia’s chemo treatment was temporarily suspended due to her Thrombocyte being low but she was looking so adorable!

Sakia posing for us

Yohanna, also another patient who we mentioned last month was quite timid today. Already at stage four of the cancer, she is currently receiving chemo treatment and doing fine. We met a further six new patients today. Kartika from Tangerang is thirteen years old and the youngest in the family. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she has been operated to remove the tumor and currently on her last cycle of treatment. Already admitted in hospital for four months now but is doing great.

Kartika with Ibu Luki

Four and a half year old Ivana is from East Jakarta and suffering from leukemia. Admitted since February this year, she is currently getting chemotherapy every week. We hope she stays strong and healthy. Maygelsy is two years old, diagnosed with Wilm’s tumor (cancer of the kidneys). Already operated to remove the tumor and receiving chemo, she was sleeping quietly and we didn’t want to disturb her.

Maygelsy with mother by her side

Five year old Ramadani, also sleeping quietly by his mother’s side has been in Dharmais for one month now. He is diagnosed with lymphoma and his mother tell us that they are from East Jakarta. We send him hugs to get well.

Ramadami resting with mother

Juranda was originally operated for her Retinoblastoma in Padang. Unfortunately we heard that the operation was not successful and the tumor was still there. Her parents admitted her to Dharmais instead where she is seeking treatment for two weeks now. They have travelled from Jambi to give their daughter love and support.

Juranda and parents

Lastly we met Ananda who is four years old, also diagnosed with Wilm’s tumor. His mother (pregnant with second child) comforted Ananda by his side. Next Monday, Ananda will receive his third cycle of chemo and then doctors will evaluate him. Hopefully by then they will be able to find out if the tumor could be removed.

Ananda with pregnant mommy

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We had a very informative session over at the Neonatal ward and Cancer ward in Cipto today. Barbara and her daughter, Thordis from Die Brucke kindly joined us for the visit.

At the Neonatal ward, we met five new patients. Ibu Inge who showed us around mentioned there were currently fifty babies in the ward getting treatment and luckily not as busy as two weeks ago when we had visited. A pair of female twins recently admitted were thirty weeks premature. Both babies don’t have a name yet and are temporarily named after their mother’s name. Baby Nella 1 is doing fine but baby Nella 2 had difficulty in breathing and has undergone surgery about a week ago. They weigh 1,500 grams each and are slowly recovering.

Baby Nella 1

Baby Nella 2

Baby Rahmawati (also temporarily named after the mother) is diagnosed with Gastroschisis. Only twelve days old, her current condition is not good and cannot be operated until she is more stable. We hope she stays strong and well.

Baby Yulianti (also temporarily named after the mother) is suffering from Hydrocephalus. He has been operated for brain drainage to get rid of the liquid. Already admitted for one month in hospital and so far is doing good. When his condition is stable then his parents can take him home.

Baby Yulianti

We were sad to learn that there was an unclaimed baby who is only fifteen days old. The parents of Baby Ahma cannot be located and doctors have tried contacting them by telephone and had no success. With the help of the nurses, we will try to find the address of the family and see if we can do a house call. We hope there can be some clarification to whether the parents still want the child and if not then baby Ahma can be happily sent to an orphanage. Originally diagnosed with a blood infection, she is now fit and healthy and absolutely gorgeous looking.

Baby Ahma

Thordis couldn’t resist giving a cuddle to baby Parin who we mentioned in our last visit.

Barbara and daughter, Thordis cudling Baby Parin

Over at the Cancer ward, we met Ana who is two years old and the youngest child out of two in the family. She is undergoing treatment for kidney cancer and is receiving Fosfamide chemotherapy. Already she has had one cycle of treatment and showed some good signs of improvement but her malnutrition was not improving. Ana will need one more cycle of chemo before she can be evaluated if they can do a CT Scan on her. We were told by the doctors that a CT scan is very expensive approx. IDR 2.5 million. We hope to be able to support Ana in any such way.

Ana and her mother

Lastly we met Rendi who is all the way from Kalimantan. He is five years old and was not shy at all to chit chat with us. Happily nibbling on some candy and smiling away, he is diagnosed with Lymphoma and is at stage four of the cancer. One week of chemo treatment has already been received but there is another four more weeks of chemotherapy to come. His parents are here for three months to give Rendi love and support. We send our loving wishes too!

Rendi happily showing us his candy

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Since the launch of our website, news has travelled abroad attracting more new donors. A special thanks to Shelly & Ringo from Hong Kong, and Dicky & Gerrit from Holland who all made a kind donation.


Yesterday we made another hospital visit to Dharmais to check on our patients. Here’s our updates so far.

Edo, (admitted to Dharmais Hospital in March this year with a highly malignant tumor) was not doing so good yesterday. He was suffering from a high temperature and a loss of appetite due to an infection. He was quite content with just watching some television and didn’t want to be disturbed. He allowed us to take a photo of him. So let’s all send him big wishes to get well soon.

Edo suffering from a highly malignant tumor

Rifaldi (who was suffering from ALL) has gone home! Yeh! his good friend Ibrahim unfortunately cannot go home yet and is still undergoing treatment for ALL.

We met five new patients that MCK are supporting. Fifi, from Banten is receiving her second stage of chemotherapy treatment and unfortunately had to have one of her leg amputated. Her father was keeping her company and we are sad to learn she is in stage four of the cancer. We send her blessings to stay strong and well.

Siti Nur Aini, is from Tangerang and suffers Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML). She is doing well and did not want to be disturbed.

Mutia, was a patient at Cipto Hospital before but had to be admitted to Dharmais. She is undergoing treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma. She proudly showed off her new looks for us.

Mutia showing off her new looks

Rizza, suffering from ALL was not doing so good. He is receiving special treatment but let’s send our hopes for him to get better.

Lastly we met Yohanna who is 3.5 years old from Medan. She just had blood transfusion for her Leukemia and was doing fine. Happily, she posed for us with her father.

Cute smiles from Yohanna and her father

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