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On a recent visit to Dharmais hospital, MCK volunteer Julie van Laarhoven, met up with a few of the children that MCK have been supporting. One was Sitijulia who was in for her 12th round of chemothreapy and in very high spirits.  The other was 12 year old Mayang who was in for a monthly control after completing her chemotherapy treatment for a tumour on her ovary 3 months ago.

Sitijulia and Mayang

Little Aco was not feeling his best after receiving his 8thradiation treatment.  He still has 12 radiation sessions to go and MCK hopes he gets through them without any problems or complications.


Twelve year old Dinda was also in for a control checkup and was enjoying painting with a group of Mums who come and paint with the children to help cheer them up during there stay in the hospital.

Dinda and Mums painting class

Julie also met for the first time, Faris and his mother from Padang who urgently needed to have his left leg amputated to prevent the tumor from spreading.  MCK were able to cover all the surgery costs for Faris operation.  Faris is one of four children and his mother is doing a great job in bringing him up since his Father left them.

Faris and his mother

One activity at Dharmais hospital is t-shirt painting. Below is a t-shirt painted by one of the children letting everyone know that they will not give up there fight against cancer!

We fully support you!


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Today MCK friends Scott and Zack visited Cipto Hospital with volunteers Inge and Sarah for another successful visit. As you may well know, Scott is planning to run from Bali to Jakarta in just seven weeks and counting. He wanted the opportunity to meet again with the children that he is competing this epic run for.

A glimpse of Scott and Inge


We began the visit in the ever-crowded polyclinic where many children were waiting to see their doctors for outpatient treatment. We chatted briefly to a family whose little girl, bravely fighting Leukemia, was due to receive a consultation with Dr Endang. Another little boy, fast asleep in his mum’s arms, was waiting to see his doctor about the seizures that he has recently been having. All of the children waiting were so well behaved in a crowded, busy environment – a big thumbs up to them all from the MCK visitors today.


Dr Karyanti is our doctor for the children with infectious diseases at Cipto. She spent a lot of time with us this morning and was able to show us the ER room, where she has eight patients waiting for beds on her ward, and also the ward itself. We met a 3 year old girl who is waiting for a CT scan. The doctors initially suspected TB or meningitis, however it looks increasingly likely that the little girl is suffering from a congenital condition that must be investigated. MCK will pay for the CT scan so that this little one can be diagnosed and treated. Good luck, our thoughts are with you.


On the cancer ward we had a great time waving to Alzena. MCK volunteers have met with 3 year old Alzena before. Today she was receiving her chemotherapy, hence why we were waving from the corridor rather than chatting with her. Alzena has a neuroblastoma at Stage IV. She was happily jigging around on her bed, waving and smiling at Scott as received her treatment. We all left the ward uplifted by the spirit of this little girl, but also saddened that her condition is advanced, and that she has had to suffer so much at such a young age.

Alzena pulling a cute face to us


News from the Neonatal ward today is mixed. We were delighted to hear that the five babies brought to our attention as special cases in December are all recovering well and have gone home. This includes Ny Alif who suffers from thyroid problems. The conjoined twins who were separated in December have also gone hope to continue their recovery. Fantastic news for all the babies and their families, good luck and keep fighting!


We were deeply saddened to hear that the twins joined at the head have passed away. Our thoughts are with their family.


During today’s visit we met yet two more sets of conjoined twins, at one week old and two hours old! The assessment of the week-old twins is still being completed but it looks likely that they share too many internal organs to be separated. We hope for news of the two hour-old twins on our next visit. We also met a real fighter, a little boy born at twenty-five weeks weighing just 850g. The doctors are very happy with the small progress he is making and believe his prognosis to be good.


More news in a couple of weeks time when we will visit the wards again.


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On Sunday, 8 May, 2011, MCK once again organized what is now an annual outing to Ragunan Zoo for children receiving treatment for cancer at Dharmais Hospital, along with their families. As in previous years, the outing was timed to coincide with the Jakarta Free Spirit (JFS) running club’s Zoo 5k and Family Fun Run and this year, as previously, JFS very generously covered the costs of logistics for the day out. JFS volunteers also did a great job of making sure we were all made very welcome on arrival, and ensuring that our time at the zoo went according to plan.

This year, MCKs group totalled 59 people, made up of 24 young patients ranging from 2-13 years old, along with their parents, three volunteers from Yayasan Pita Kuning (Erwin, Rani and Tias), two nurses from the hospital (Yuni and Umi), and MCK volunteers Tessa, Inge and Sara. We were delighted that the mother of Valentinus, a young boy who had previously been treated at Dharmais but who sadly passed away last year, and his younger brother, Gilberto, were also able to join us.

MCK was very happy too that joining the group – as has become something of a tradition — was 14-year-old Abiyyu, his younger sister, Ines, and their parents. MCK supported Abiyyu to receive treatment for retinoblastoma (eye cancer) at Dharmais in 2005-2006, since when we are delighted to report that he has been confirmed cancer-free. He is currently in the second year of junior high school and is an ardent football player. Below you can see a photo of Abiyyu collecting on behalf of MCK the generous donation provided to us by Wintermar, which was also sponsoring the JFS run.

Abiyyu receiving a cheque from Wintermar on behalf of MCK

Fortunately, the rain that greeted us on arrival cleared after a while, and we were all able to enjoy a couple of hours wandering around and spotting the animals. Below is a photo of the group on the steps of the primate centre.

MCK zoo outing participants on the steps of the primate centre

By late morning some children were beginning to get a bit tired, so we all headed back onto our buses and back to the hospital, where cuddly toys (courtesy of JFS) were given to all the children who joined the outing as well as to each of the children on the children’s cancer ward who were sadly unable to come. The photo below shows some of the proud recipients.

All the children on the outing, and also the children from the hospital who could not join, received a cuddly toy courtesy of JFS

MCK sincerely thank everyone who made this outing possible and such a success!

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Last Friday, Julie & Inge P. visited the children’s ward in Dharmais hospital together with Cilla from the British Women Association.

We were first shown the new library in the art-room. The room was painted in warming bright colours. It was great to see that both Indonesian and English language books were available for patients to read.

Dharmais Library

Nurse Luki introduced us to 1.5 years old Angga and his mother. Angga is an only child and has already been operated in another hospital for Rhabdomyosarcoma. In Dharmais he’s receiving additional chemotherapy. Angga loves to make his mother smile with his funny faces.

Angga showing us his cheesy grin!

We met with new patient Fatur, from Ciamis, who had both parents at his bedside. Fatur is now undergoing chemotherapy for ALL. We were also happy to see Rivaldi again, who was looking good despite the relapse from ALL. The new infusion-pump MCK bought recently was used for his chemotherapy when we visited him.



In another room, we also met with 2 years old Anindia, who also received MCK’s help before. Anindia is from Jakarta and was recovering from chemotherapy for the treatment of leukemia (AML).  Finally, we met a smiling 11 years old Nofal.  Happily using the computer in the playroom. Nofal comes all the way from Aceh and is also receiving treatment in Dharmais for leukemia (ALL).


Playful Nofal

Mary’s Cancer Kiddies wishes all our little friends in Dharmais a speedy recovery!

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MCK wishes all our donors, patients, volunteers, and readers a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Yesterday MCK volunteers Sarah and Inge P. visited Dharmais for the first time in the new year. We met Anindia, a cute one and a half year old who is suffering from leukemia. She has been in the hospital for more than three months now. Her parents are teachers and receive government insurance, but not all costs are covered by the insurance so MCK has stepped in to help.

Cute Anindia with mummy

Our lovely Sakia who has received help from MCK since November 2009 is back for more treatments. She will need radiotherapy soon for her leukemia so we wish her all the best.


Our friend Wahyu, who is ten years old greeted us with his big smile. He seems to have lost some weight since the last time we saw him. He is waiting to receive another cycle of chemo and radiation again. Stay strong and get well soon Wahyu!


Last but not least we met with Yosephine with her parents and brother. She’s almost three  years old and comes all the way from the island of Nias.  She will get a bone marrow puncture first and will then need a second blood transfusion to improve her condition so she can have another cycle of chemo. We hope Yosephine and her family will be able to return home soon.


We have heard good news about Edo and Evert. Their condition has improved so they were allowed to leave the hospital. Both are treated as outpatients now.

Before we left, the nurses in the Children’s Ward showed us the two new infusion pumps they were able to buy. The pumps are used when the children receive chemotherapy and are a big improvement for both patients and nurses. Both machines are already being fully utilized. A special thanks to Scott Thompson, who so generously donated the money to buy the new infusion pumps!

Infusion Pump

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Last Friday, MCK volunteers Haidi and Inge P. visited Dharmais hospital. We met four years old Nasifa, who is suffering from leukemia and looking a little tired. Next to her was three years old Aco and his parents. Aco is suffering from retinoblastoma and MCK will start supporting him soon.


tired looking Nasifa


Aco and his mother

Further long, we met smiley Wahyu from Depok, who has already received financial help from MCK for a number of years. His father is a security guard but his wages are not sufficient to pay for the large number of chemo therapies Wahyu has received over the years to treat his non-hodgekin limphoma. Hang in there Wahyu, you’re doing great!


Smiley Wahyu

In the art room we met with Nafisa, also four years old suffering from a tumor in the central nervous system (PNET). She was busy colouring a beautiful swan. Her friends Suci (five years old) and Evert (seven years old) both suffering from leukemia will also receive MCK support shortly.


busy bee Nafisa




MCK wishes all their young friends in Dharmais a speedy recovery!

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During our last visit to Dharmais hospital, MCK volunteers Julie and Inge P. visited several children that were being sponsored by MCK.

Three years old Nadia is suffering from retinoblastoma. She has already been operated and has been given an eye prothesis. She is doing well but will need a bloodtransfusion soon. She is pictured here with her mother.

Nadia with mother

Six years old Dimas was watching a movie on a small portable dvd-player when we visited him. We learnt that the portable dvd player was given by a kind donor. Dimas is suffering from a tumor in his throat (NPC) but is doing well.


Lastly we met friends, Rangga (five years old) and Alif (four years old). Rangga is suffering from rhabdomyosarcoma (soft tissue cancer) and has been operated twice already. He recently had a relapse and is now undergoing chemotherapy. Alif is suffering from leukemia (ALL) and has been in and out of the hospital for five months now.

Friends: Rangga and Alif

Sadly we also heard of the passing of Yohanna, Burhadin and Juranda. We wish their parents and family all the strength and support they need.

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