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We had a very informative session over at the Neonatal ward and Cancer ward in Cipto today. Barbara and her daughter, Thordis from Die Brucke kindly joined us for the visit.

At the Neonatal ward, we met five new patients. Ibu Inge who showed us around mentioned there were currently fifty babies in the ward getting treatment and luckily not as busy as two weeks ago when we had visited. A pair of female twins recently admitted were thirty weeks premature. Both babies don’t have a name yet and are temporarily named after their mother’s name. Baby Nella 1 is doing fine but baby Nella 2 had difficulty in breathing and has undergone surgery about a week ago. They weigh 1,500 grams each and are slowly recovering.

Baby Nella 1

Baby Nella 2

Baby Rahmawati (also temporarily named after the mother) is diagnosed with Gastroschisis. Only twelve days old, her current condition is not good and cannot be operated until she is more stable. We hope she stays strong and well.

Baby Yulianti (also temporarily named after the mother) is suffering from Hydrocephalus. He has been operated for brain drainage to get rid of the liquid. Already admitted for one month in hospital and so far is doing good. When his condition is stable then his parents can take him home.

Baby Yulianti

We were sad to learn that there was an unclaimed baby who is only fifteen days old. The parents of Baby Ahma cannot be located and doctors have tried contacting them by telephone and had no success. With the help of the nurses, we will try to find the address of the family and see if we can do a house call. We hope there can be some clarification to whether the parents still want the child and if not then baby Ahma can be happily sent to an orphanage. Originally diagnosed with a blood infection, she is now fit and healthy and absolutely gorgeous looking.

Baby Ahma

Thordis couldn’t resist giving a cuddle to baby Parin who we mentioned in our last visit.

Barbara and daughter, Thordis cudling Baby Parin

Over at the Cancer ward, we met Ana who is two years old and the youngest child out of two in the family. She is undergoing treatment for kidney cancer and is receiving Fosfamide chemotherapy. Already she has had one cycle of treatment and showed some good signs of improvement but her malnutrition was not improving. Ana will need one more cycle of chemo before she can be evaluated if they can do a CT Scan on her. We were told by the doctors that a CT scan is very expensive approx. IDR 2.5 million. We hope to be able to support Ana in any such way.

Ana and her mother

Lastly we met Rendi who is all the way from Kalimantan. He is five years old and was not shy at all to chit chat with us. Happily nibbling on some candy and smiling away, he is diagnosed with Lymphoma and is at stage four of the cancer. One week of chemo treatment has already been received but there is another four more weeks of chemotherapy to come. His parents are here for three months to give Rendi love and support. We send our loving wishes too!

Rendi happily showing us his candy

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January-June 2009 was a busy six months for Mary’s Cancer Kiddies (MCK) as we continued to provide financial support to help to cover the cost of treatment for children being treated for cancer at both “Dharmais” and Cipto hospitals in Jakarta as well as for premature babies and children with infectious diseases receiving care at Cipto hospital. This assistance was possible only because of the generous support MCK receives from individuals and organizations. Our sincere thanks to you all.

Children’s cancer ward, Dharmais Hospital

Among the children for whom MCK provided financial assistance over the six months from January-June were 3 year old Nada and 10-year-old Siti Aisyah, both of whom are suffering from Ewing sarcoma, a type of bone or soft tissue cancer, and 15-year-old Rizki Rifalah, pictured with his mother, who has brain germinoma, a type of germ cell tumor.



Rizki Rifalah

Children’s cancer ward expansion, Dharmais Hospital

Demand for assistance looks set to rise due to the expansion of the children’s cancer ward that will more than double its capacity. While this will have implications for our costs we are delighted that the ward is going to be able to treat many more children – with the 15 beds currently available being supplemented by 17 more – particularly as there is almost always a waiting list for admission.  Building work on the additional bed space is currently in process and is due for completion in September, with the new ward set to be up and running in October.

Specialist training at Dharmais Hospital

August will see the arrival of Jane Peski, a pediatric oncology nurse from The Academic Medical Centre (AMC), the most prominent medical centre in the Netherlands and one of its largest hospitals. She will be conducting two week basic and advanced training programs at Dharmais Hospital for nurses from across the country.

Neonatal unit, Cipto Hospital

The case of baby Farida offers an example of the positive impact that MCKs assistance can provide to babies in need of urgent medical care. Farida was born premature, at just 37 weeks and weighing only 1560 grams. Upon birth she was found to have Gastroschisis, or abdominal hernia, an abdominal wall defect in which the intestines develop outside the abdomen through an opening in the abdominal wall. She needed an immediate operation to push the intestines back into the abdomen and seal the opening, but with her father working as a driver and earning just Rp. 600,000/month and without any form of insurance, her family had no chance of being able to cover the cost of the operation themselves.  MCK was able to respond immediately to their request for assistance and the operation was conducted. Two weeks later Farida was stable enough to be moved out of the intensive care unit and within five weeks her parents were able to take her home.

Baby Faridah

Hospital visits by MCK supporters

MCK is happy that so many of our supporters find time to visit the children in the wards we work with at Cipto and Dharmais. The photo below, shows Barbara and Heidi from Die Brucke along with six street children supported by Die Brucke who in turn, visit Cipto weekly to cuddle & feed babies in the ward.

Barbara and Heidi from Die Brucke along with six Indonesian students

Tolong Anak-Anak program

Regular visitors to “Dharmais” include children from the Jakarta International School (JIS), through its Tolong Anak-Anak program. Many thanks to Soko Naiyaga, a 12th grade JIS student, for sharing with us what they do and why:

“Tolong Anak Anak is a student service club at the Jakarta International School that works specifically with children. Visiting the children’s cancer ward is one of the ways in which we try to reach out to our community. These visits have personally inspired me. Although we only spend about an hour with the children on Saturday mornings, it is still amazing to see the strengths that these children have. So many obstacles lie in their way yet they manage to smile and enjoy what opportunities they have. Depending on their health they will either join in the magic shows and activities such as puzzles and origami or they will watch. They find happiness in the little things that we too often take for granted. It’s also amazing for us to see the loving commitment of their parents and the nurses that work in the hospital.”

Visit to Jakarta by Prof. Dr. A.J.P. Veerman

MCK volunteers were delighted to host a dinner recently for Professor Veerman, a pediatric oncologist from the Netherlands. Through a cancer foundation in the Netherlands, the Queen Wilhelmina Fund, Professor Veerman has been providing assistance to children’s oncology wards in Yogyakarta, Semarang, Medan and Manado. Dr. Edi Tehuteru from Dharmais Hospital, who has known Professor Veerman for some time, also joined the dinner.

Prof. Veerman (centre, kneeling) and Dr. Edi Tehuteru (third from left)

Jakarta Free Spirit Zoo Run

For the past four years, MCK has organized an outing to Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta to coincide with the annual zoo run organized by Jakarta Free Spirit. This represents a rare opportunity for children receiving treatment at “Dharmais” hospital to enjoy a day out with their families and has always been a popular event.  This year was no exception, with the number of families joining being the highest yet: together with volunteers the MCK group numbered 115 people! Many thanks to everyone who came along and also to the organizers of the zoo run for their help and support.

Farewell to MCK volunteer, Astrid Bouwmann

We were very sorry to have to say farewell to Astrid, an MCK volunteer for the past two years, who has recently returned to the Netherlands, but wish her and her family lots of luck and happiness in their new adventure.

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