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Last week MCK volunteer Sarah introduced Asli to Cipto Hospital. Asli came to know of MCK through Scott’s amazing Running Bali to Jakarta campaign and wanted to see for herself how the donations that are being made to MCK are used.

We started our visit at the ever busy polyclinic – or outpatients department. The polyclinic sees over 70 children a day and is always overcrowded. It is heartbreaking to see the children suffering as they wait for their consultations, yet it is good to know that these children are receiving solid medical care. So many families in Indonesia avoid hospitals for reasons of fear or finance, and often they come too late.

One of the patients waiting for the results of blood tests was Nani, our 14 year old friend who had her leg removed earlier this year due to cancer. Nani is now waiting for her third round of chemotherapy and up until now things seemed to be going great, however her body is taking longer to recover from the previous chemotherapy. Nani is receiving blood tests every day until the results show that she is ready for her next round of treatment. Because of the daily visits, Nani is staying at the wonderful Rumah Kita II house nearby – a homestay for children and a family member who either cannot withstand the travelling to and from the hospital or who simply cannot afford it.


Nani was accompanied by her mum and was in good spirits today, despite her poorly condition. Keep strong Nani, and keep fighting.

After the polyclinic we paid a quick visit to the ER department to see some of Dr Endang and Dr Karyanti’s patients who do not yet have beds on the main wards. The ER was very busy and as such spent a few short minutes talking to the doctor on call. He seemed worried about a young child with dengue fever who had arrived that day.

On the neo-natal ward Dr Rina escorted Asli and Sarah to meet some of the babies that are being helped by MCK. Dr Rina explained the Jamkesdal system of insurance which is a fairly new initiative. The Indonesian government now pays for all women to have their babies at a hospital, if they so wish, and will cover the first 28 days of medical costs if needed. This has taken quite a strain off the neo-natal department and has meant that MCK spending is now being directed to babies with more long-term illnesses. We visited again with the last set of conjoined twins at the hospital, two boys joined at the waist down. The doctors were due to meet the next day to discuss whether or not separation is viable.

To all the children and babies, we wish you all much love and luck on your road to recovery.


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Accompanying MCK volunteers Inge and Sarah to Cipto today was Cilla, from the British Women’s Association. We were delighted to show Cilla first hand how their valuable donation is used at the hospital.

On our visit to the Cancer Ward we met with Dr Endang, who showed us the new playground that has been built within the temporary hospital ward for children with non-infectious diseases to enjoy. This fantastic playground area was sponsored by an Indonesian company based in Jakarta.

New playground


Dr Endang updated us on how Nani (14 years old) is doing. At our last visit Nani had undergone many tests to establish the stage of the cancer in her leg. At a meeting on Monday of this week, it was decided that the tumour is now too big and that Nani must have her leg amputated. A heartbreaking outcome for Nani, but a necessary one, to stop the cancer from spreading further. After the operation, which is yet to be scheduled, Nani may receive chemotherapy. From everyone at MCK, we wish Nani all the very best for her forthcoming operation, and hope that we will meet one another soon.

Dr Endang also showed to us a very quiet out-patients clinic today – or so we thought. Many patients were having tests completed across the hospital and the nurses and doctors were waiting for them all to return. This outpatient clinic for children sees over 70 patients a day!

We also visited the Neo-natal ward today and were extremely privileged to meet the newly separated conjoined twins! The twins were in their own incubators in an isolation ward so we were able to see them from afar. The doctors reported that the operation was extremely successful, and although one twin has a problem with the heart, their prognosis is very good. We also met with the conjoined twins that arrived at the hospital just after our last visit. We were unable to take pictures at this time, a shame because words cannot describe how strong, healthy and happy the twins look. We wait on news from the ward regarding these babies.

On the special care ward we met with Ny Arianti who has a blockage somewhere in her intestines – a difficult case for the doctors as the baby has already had one operation to resolve the problem and it looks like more will come. And Ny Alif, with thyroid problems as such a young age. This little one was very distressed today and because of a tracheotomy cannot be given a pacifier to help him soothe. We wish both babies lots and lots of love and hope that their conditions improve very, very soon.

Our next visit to RS Cipto will be after the New Year, so we wish everyone on the wards, the doctors and nurses, the children and their families, a peaceful holiday period.



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MCK volunteers Monica and Sarah visited the children, families and doctors at Cipto twice in the last two weeks.


The first was a regular visit when our volunteers were accompanied by one of our valued sponsors based in Jakarta. We spent a great deal of time with Dr Endang, visiting her Children’s Oncology outpatient’s unit and also the Emergency Room. The children’s outpatient unit sees up to 70 children a day for various medical reasons, and particularly for Dr Endang’s patients, to receive chemotherapy. We met a very shy young boy and his family, who is suffering from a tumour in his neck. His father told us the little boy is number 6 out of 7 children and through help from the government insurance scheme and MCK, his medical costs were being covered and he could continue to get treatment for his son. This timid little boy did not want his name to be known or his photo to be taken.

We were also privileged to spend time with Dr Rina, head of the Neo-natal ward, where we visited the babies. The doctors and nurses on the ward were very busy deep cleaning each ward to clear the rooms of an infection that took hold recently. We were able to view beautiful new-born conjoined twins. The doctors are hopeful for a separation as the babies are joined head-to-toe at the stomach. Amazingly the doctors were waiting on more conjoined twins to arrive on the ward.

The second visit was to meet with Nani, a 14 year old girl with a tumour growing in her leg. Nani was introduced to MCK via one of the international organisations in Jakarta. Nani lives with her elderly parents outside of Jakarta. Nani’s neighbour was desperately searching for help to get this poorly young girl to a hospital to receive treatment but together they could not afford to pay for the journey to Jakarta, let alone treatment for her. Happily MCK, along with the St Patricks Society Jakarta, are able to help Nani get the treatment she so desperately needs. Nani has spent the last week having many tests completed and we wait to hear what Nani’s course of treatment will be. Unfortunately we did not get to meet Nani at this time as she was resting at a homestay nearby. We’ll see you next time Nani, lots and lots of love and luck to you and all of the children and their families that we meet every time we visit the hospital.



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