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We are deeply saddened to report that, on the 5th November, Rahmat lost his battle with cancer. We are grateful that MCK volunteers, Sarah and Julie managed to see Rahmat one last time and meet with his family the day before he passed away. His condition had visibly worsened and he was clearly struggling with every breath the ventilator took for him. His malnutrition had not improved and although there was a slight improvement in the size of the tumour on his right lung, but the left lung had deteriorated. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends at this sad time.

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It was one week ago when we went to visit Cipto Hospital. Barbara (from Die Bruke) joined our MCK volunteers, Sarah, Inge J, and Haidi for our regular hospital visit.

We met a cheerful Rahmat! On his fifteen day of radiotherapy, he is bearing his treatment with such courage. Still on ventilation in ICU and severely malnourished, the doctors confirmed that the radiotherapy Rahmat has received is not shrinking the tumor on his lung. We await news on the next course of treatment for Rahmat. As we left, he waved goodbye with a smile and mouthed ‘terima kasih’ to us all.



Still at the cancer ward, we met fifteen years old Dirda, who was happily playing with a mobile phone. She was admitted into hospital with chronic leukemia but it is suspected she has the acute form. She awaits a course of very intensive treatment. We wish Dirda all the best with her forthcoming treatment. A further patient supported by MCK is Sakila, aged seven years old. She has a tumour of the bone in her leg. We wish Sakila strength on her journey through a long process of treatment.



The cancer ward is undergoing some renovation at present. An isolation ward is being sectioned off at the end of the ward, but due to insufficient AC and funds the project is now on hold.
Over at the Infectious Ward, we were introduced to one year old Ardelia, who we funded as a special case. She is diagnosed with HIV and is now quite malnourished so the government has stepped in to fund treatment. A second patient, five years old Rizki, has Steven Johnson Syndrome, Brochoneumonia, Anemia, Onicomycosis and Cornea Erosion. MCK has offered to pay for his medication as a special case, though the family want to take him home.
Lastly at the neo-natal ward, Rolita is the third baby from a set of triplets. Her siblings have already gone home and Rolita is well on the way to recovery. Born at just 1.3kg she is now 1.5kg and eight weeks old. As she overcomes her pneumonia we hope she is allowed to join her family very soon.


We also met Oey Lina who is twenty seven days old. She has many problems with her heart and also suspected Downs Syndrome. She needs diagnostic tests and further monitoring. Her family have nothing and only wish to take the baby home. MCK has stepped in to help pay for the treatment that Oey Lina needs.

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On Wednesday, we were very thankful to have Sue from BWA to join us in our visit to Cipto Hospital.

Both the cancer ward and infectious ward were extremely busy. We made a special visit to see Rahmat in ICU. A twelve year old boy who we are funding as a special case along with some of the other international organizations. Rahmat has been diagnosed with Mediastinal Tumour (attached to his lung). He has had surgery, which removed 60% of the tumour and already has had two courses of chemotherapy. He will need at least three more chemotherapy courses before more tests can be done. Being in ICU meant he was not allowed visitors, not even his family. We had to view him from behind a window. We hope Rahmat stays strong, so hang on in there Rahmat!

Over at the infectious ward, we met Junaidi, a little boy of four years old. He is suffering from Viral Meningitis and Encephalitis. He is coping well with the treatment but we were sad to hear that he will be left with some brain damage.

Sadly, a patient that MCK has helped with medical treatment, a young girl called Fatma has passed away. She was fourteen years old, suffering from a cardio infection, colitis and malnutrition. Our condolences to her family.

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